About pinstellar.com

I created it for everyone who loves space and the world around us!

Anyone who wants to help the project:

  • USD: 5375418803891159

All funds will be used to develop the project, for example, a couple of big ideas:
-Live broadcast of astronomical events
-Online viewing through a telescope for several users simultaneously with the ability to connect to the stream at any time.

Equipment, you know, is not cheap. Therefore, I will be happy for any help!

I will spend part of the money to help children in the study of science and I will publish everything in the tape so that everyone can see how he helped!

I’m also ready to accept donations in digital currency (Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar). As far as there wallets change all the time, write to mail or skype (my skype can be found on the account page in the footer :))!

For all questions and suggestions - [email protected] or skype